What we do

Data Science

In an increasingly complex and connected world, with access to endless data, we provide clarity.

We offer data science consulting, custom data science software development, data science training/teaching, predictive analytics and machine learning solutions to organizations and businesses in all industries.

If you need to augment your internal team’s capabilities with data science to better solve important problems and make more informed decisions. We help you use data as a resource and advanced analytics to address these challenges.

When you need a deeper understanding of your options, we’re here to help.


When you’re grappling with policy recommendations for a government, business or NGO, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information. We can help. Our rigorous, independent and quantitative approach to data analysis and economic modelling gives you practical insights based on evidence rather than theory.


Public Policy

Thanks to our rich experience in government as well as the NGO sector we can help our clients to formulate, implement and evaluate public policies and are able to assist with efficient advocacy.


We provide highly customized advisory services to our clients in the public as well as the private sector.


We are conducting research and analytical work in different sectors in order to keep on top of what is happening around us and being able to provide excellence in our work.

Data Visualization

Data visualization allows companies to roll out tools for employees to explore comprehensive data quickly. This is a very real need and we provide a strategy that’s aligned with the organization’s goals to ensure the success of a data visualization project.

We assist companies in rolling out a dashboarding approach or weaving it into an existing data visualization Business Intelligence system.

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Data Science
Public Policy

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About us

GapData Institute (GDI) is a nonprofit nonpartisan research institution harnessing power of data & wisdom of economics for public good.

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